2015 Bible Reading Plan

Suggestion for the new year:  Put that technology to work for you.  Here is a 365 Bible Reading Plan that you and your kids can do together.  The goal is to develop a habit of getting into and knowing God through His Word.  If you get behind, you can catch up. You can follow it on a phone or on a tablet or on a computer.  All you have to do is create a YouVersion account and follow along.  Try it…

Daily Bible Reading Plan

Here is an instruction sheet on how to set it up.

Will You Be Able to Transfer Your Faith to Your Kids?

Parenting is difficult.  We need to work at it in order to successfully instill our faith in our kids.  Probably our biggest concern is whether or not we will be able to successfully transfer our faith to our kids so that the truth becomes THEIR convictions not just borrowed beliefs.  With that in mind we need all of the help we can get.  Here is a website that offers some resources to assist.  There are some great project ideas that are well thought out and interesting.  Check it out.

Parenting Resource Website
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Interesting Article

I will be posting articles on this site not because I believe every thing that is stated but because a different (and I believe accurate and healthy) point of view is presented.  In our world of “political correctness” we tend to worry too much about offending someone (or at least someone saying that they are offended) and too little about telling the truth.  Your children deal with this every day.  They go to school in an overly protective environment that does not necessarily value the truth.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Read “It’s Your Fault If You’re Offended All the Time” Article