Scavenger Hunt Report


So we had the Scavenger Hunt

Here were the items on the hunt – it gives context to the pictures…

PIC/VID         Helping someone do something (15)
VID                  Convince someone to quote a Scripture (15)
PIC/VID         Married couple kissing (10)
PIC                  License plate with a team member’s initials on it (10)
PIC                  Someone tipping their hat to you (10)
PIC                  Baby in a stroller (5)
PIC                  Entire team playing twister – without a twister mat (5)
PIC                  SELFIE of the females on your team in a bathroom stall (5)
PIC                  SELFIE of the males on your team in a bathroom stall (5)
PIC                  Entire team with a street sign behaving as if the sign were a celebrity (5)
PIC                  Two team members with a uniformed police officer or security guard (5)
PIC                  Entire team jumping, each member must be mid-air (5)
PIC                  Entire team tossing an imaginary pizza in front of a pizza place (5)
PIC                  THREE different restaurant or store logo items (5 each)

The other interesting rule: The parents could not tell the kids where to go – the kids were in charge.  So all of the ideas of where to go to “scavenge” came from the kids.  Video to be posted soon.