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Interesting Article

I will be posting articles on this site not because I believe every thing that is stated but because a different (and I believe accurate and healthy) point of view is presented.  In our world of “political correctness” we tend to worry too much about offending someone (or at least someone saying that they are offended) and too little about telling the truth.  Your children deal with this every day.  They go to school in an overly protective environment that does not necessarily value the truth.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Read “It’s Your Fault If You’re Offended All the Time” Article
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MSM Service Project Update

The project was awesome.  We had great participation by over 30 MSM students and parents.  Thanks to the Morrises and the Evans for their help and participation.

We got this feedback from Matt – the house parent: “It went great!  The work looks good, the food and the fellowship went well too.  We enjoyed it, thank you guys for coming out.”

These are the AFTER Pictures:




MSM Pumpkin Carving Contest

The Battle was on…